Why Pre-Production Is Critical For the Success of Your Video

Pre-production or simply planning refers to the tasks that must be completed before filming or shooting begins. This includes tasks such as hiring actors or models, building sets, budgeting, scripting, scheduling, and tests, to name a few of the many pre-production tasks.


A script is the first document that we work on for your video.The scripting process changes from video to video. Typically since you are the expert in your business you would provide us with a few key technical points and we would then re-word that in a way that is camera friendly. We have specialised formulas for writing certain scripts for specific videos.


Once we finished putting together your script, we then plan your storyboard.

Having a storyboard is important because it allows you to map out your video and plan how you want every shot to look and feel. By doing this, we give you a clear view of how you want the video to be from the start to finish.

We do rough sketches that clearly show what we want to achieve in the scene. We write notes underneath each box, describing what is going on in the scene or certain emotions we want to try and capture with different shots.


Once you have the script and planned out how the film is going to look
The next step is to cast your characters. Casting is an important part of planning your film. We facilitate the entire process. We host the casting at our studio and Create a casting reel that we would then send to you. We make the process simple and easy.

Choosing The Right Location

Location is key when planning a video shoot. It’s important to find and plan out all the locations for your shoot. The right location can add a lot to a scene and make your video look and feel more authentic. By using multiple locations, you give your video more variety and make it feel like a bigger production.

We physically go onto location and plan how it would fit in to each shot of the storyboard.


Now You’re Ready for Production

We hope this article simplifies the Pre-Production process and if you have any questions please contact us and we will gladly assist.



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