How much money does a Video Series cost?

A video series typically costs between R7,000 – R13,000 per episode depending on the concept. That includes developing the concept, writing the script, creating the necessary assets, and adding motion. For an eight-episode video series, 

How do you measure success for a Video Series?

By tracking key view engagement numbers (views, likes, comments), you can compare your video series’ performance against other content published on the same channels.

How long does a Video Series take to create?

The production timeline of a video series depends on the number of episodes that you’re looking to produce. The first episode often takes 2-4 weeks, with subsequent episodes rolling out 1-2 weeks from there.

How much money does an explainer video cost?

Depending on the style and complexity, an explainer video typically costs between. Most of the higher-end explainers we work on these days run in the. You’ll likely find that prices vary greatly from company to company, so take your time, do your homework, and find a team that fits your brand and can deliver on budget, timeline, and quality.

How do you measure success for an explainer video?

The success or failure of your explainer video should hinge on more than just view count. While views are great, they don’t tell the whole story. You should also be looking at engagement (how much of the video do viewers actually watch?) and conversions (do viewers take the desired action after watching the video?). Like any marketing effort, we recommend having goals and a way to track them in place before you start.

How long does an explainer video take to create?

Our standard production schedule for an animated explainer video is 6 weeks, which does not include the time required to collect feedback and make revisions. A full timeline may range from 8-12 weeks. Live action explainer videos have more moving parts (e.g. talent, locations, scheduling) and therefore do not have a set production schedule. However, a typical live action explainer video timeline is 6-12 weeks.

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