What type of camera equipment do you use?

We shoot with professional Full Frame cameras and the best high-end lighting and grips to ensure we capture Stunning High quality images for you. Our Photos can be used anywhere from a website to a billboard.

Do you provide unedited photos as well (RAW files) after the shoot?

We carefully go through our photos and select the best from Our shoot. We then Carefully retouch and edit to enchace the the images.We don’t supply the RAW files because honestly, you do not need them.

Where can we see some of the work you have done?

You can see our work on our social media pages or you can download our PDF portfolio from this link:

Can you Shoot Videos Outside of Durban?

We believe anything is possible.

We have completed projects all over the world.

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss it further.

How do I Receive the Photos?

We create a DropBox folder for you, where we will upload all your photos and then send you a link to the folder for you to download the photos on your computer or mobile device.

If You need any assistance on downloading your Files you can click this link:

What are the different types of Photograpghy?

There are many different styles of photograpghy.

We specialise in Food,Product,Lifestyle and Corporate Photography. 

If you would like to know more about the Styles you can click this link:

Do I get all the images you take?

We carefully go through all the images we took during the shooting session. We also reduce the amount of duplicate images so you can only get the best ones in the final collection.


Should we shoot indoors or outdoors?

We like to have a variety of shots in our productions. If outdoor shooting is possible, we take weather conditions into consideration  as well as environment issues like loud sounds, or people that may be moving around in the background. We also a full cycloramic green studio where we can place any background behind you.

We don’t have a location to shoot on. Can you find us one?

We are able to scout any location for you, should you need a very specific location.When we scout for a production we take everything into consideration from permissions to the shooting schedules.

What equipment do you use to shoot videos?

We believe that our videos represent your brand and quality is extremely important to us.That’s why we shoot all our videos with a 4.6K RAW Camera, It is a cinema camera and has been used in Hollywood to create multiple movies and is one of the few available in the country.

Do you provide scriptwriting, or do we have to write the script?

Yes we do. Our team specializes in content creation and helping you tell your story. We are involved fully on all pre-production processes which include script writing and story boarding.

How should I prepare for my camera interview?

Being prepared for your camera interview is very important. You don’t need to learn your lines (because we display them on our Teleprompter) We’d like to advise you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in and to avoid stripes and reflective clothing.

How do you deliver the video?

We create a DropBox folder for you, where we will upload all your photos and then send you a link to the folder for you to download the photos on your computer or mobile device.
If You need any assistance on downloading your Files you can click this link 

How long do you store the Video and RAW footage for?

We backup the Final video onto Dropbox and keep the Project and Raw footage for 1 month after delivery.

If you would like us to store it longer we can definitely discuss it further.

Can you find a Voice Over Artist for our video?

Yes Definitely,We have multiple artists that we work with. They also give us a better rate than if you were to approach them directly.


Can we come for a tour of the studio?

Please stop by for a coffee and we can show you the possibilities and demonstrate how it works. Please give us a call and we can set up an appointment.

What is a green screen?

a green screen allows you to add any background behind the subject being filmed or photographed.

The subject is filmed against the green (sometimes blue) background, which is replaced in post-production by a digitally generated background or virtualset.

Why should I choose to shoot in your green-screen studio?

At Audience Networks we believe in innovation and have realised that green screen is the future of video production. That is why we have opened one of the first functional green studios in South Africa.

Do you have a teleprompter?

Absolutely! Our studio is equipped with a teleprompter, making it easier for you to comfortably deliver your message to your audience without having to struggle in memorizing your lines.

What will I need to do before we start filming?

Meet with us to discuss your video idea, from there we work on scripting, storyboarding your idea. We can also do casting for talent for your video, finding the perfect look to deliver your message is also an important part of your video.

What should I wear for my studio shoot?

Whatever you feel comfortable with but  make sure NOT to wear anything green as it keys out when editing a video shot on our screen.

Where is your studio?

Our Studio is is Umhlanga. 

The address is Office 12A – The Palms 14 Palm Boulevard Protea Hotel Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa

You can click this link for step by step directions to reach our studio.

Can we do VFX and Create a movie in your studio?

 Our studio is specially designed for corporate videos.It was created to make creating videos easy. It is  a location for businesses to create quality content for their audiences.